Property in Westcliff

Westcliff property offers some of the most acclaimed and sought after real estate in South Africa. Westcliff as the name suggests, encompasses ecologically protected natural ridges offering extensive views north to the Magaliesberg and south over the City, making ridge Westcliff property highly sought after. Many well established private schools exist in the locality, including the Ridge School in Westcliff, St Katherine’s and the German School on the Westcliff border. Other nearby schools includes Roedean, St John’s, King Edwards and Jan Celliers. The Universities of Witwatersrand and Johannesburg are also close, making education a major draw card for Westcliff property purchasers.

History of Westcliff:

Westcliff was established in 1901 and the first land was sold later that year. During the following two decades, many historic Westcliff homes were built by renowned architects, including Sir Herbert Baker. These historical homes form some of the prestigious Westcliff homes for sale.  Baker’s “Glenshiel” is today a national monument and this and other early homes in Westcliff are the focus of frequent heritage tours. A Westcliff property often retains the original architecture and much of the early charm.  The National Heritage Resources Act and a strong Westcliff residents’ association steadfastly protect the buildings and property from sub-divisions. This has resulted in the majority of Westcliff property offered for sale being situated on 4000m² of land or more.

Westcliff residents are also close to the Johannesburg Zoo, where young and old can enjoy an educational day out while learning about the variety of animals housed here. Take a daring walk through the reptile house, or enjoy the company of the friendly animals in the Farm Yard where the little ones can enjoy a delightful interactive experience. Situated right next door, the Zoo Lake is a peaceful retreat where one can enjoy a picnic with the family. Set on the corner of West World Street and Jan Smuts Avenue, the Zoo Lake is a popular spot for Westcliff propery owners to enjoy a walk with their dog, take a leisurely boat ride, work out with a brisk jog or marvel at the many birds who make their home in the trees next to the waters. Also close by, the Museum of Military History offers Westcliff property owners an educational glimpse into the less peaceful past. With an unrivalled display of medals, weapons, military aircraft and uniforms, the Museum of Military history is a must visit for everyone.

Shopping centres around Westcliff:

Westcliff is in close proximity to a number of upmarket shopping malls, so those who feel the need for some much needed retail therapy will definitely not be disappointed. Often regarded as one of Johannesburg’s premier shopping centres, the Rosbank Mall offers shoppers a retail delight with goods ranging from men’s and ladies fashion to antique stores. The Mall also offers a host of excellent restaurants and coffee shops.

Westcliff property owners can also visit Sandton City, a retail connoisseur’s dream come true. With close to 300 leading international and local retailers, Sandton City offers discerning shoppers an experience like no other. Since it’s opening in 1973 when it started off as a mere 50 000 square meter complex, Sandton City has grown considerably. Today Sandton City, along with Nelson Mandela Square, comprises the largest retail complex in Africa. Come and see for yourself what this magnificent centre has to offer, and enjoy a meal at one of the fantastic restaurants in the square as you marvel at the 6 meter bronze statue of former president Nelson Mandela.

The access to the highways, exceptional nearby restaurants as well as entertainment and leisure facilities all result in great interest in real estate in Westcliff. The Rosebank  and Sandton CBDs are also conveniently close, making a Westcliff property a perfect launch pad for those working in these business districts.

The Attraction of Westcliff properties:

Property for sale in Westcliff offers unique, secluded homes, many of which have been renovated to carefully retain the original character with added modern amenities. A handful of new, modern designed Westcliff homes have sprung up, which can be seen in the Westcliff properties for sale portfolio. Due to its close proximity to major arteries, Wescliff offers commuters easy access to various points of interest throughout Johannesburg. Despite this, the suburb still offers its residents a relaxed and sedate lifestyle.

Most Westcliff properties for sale are surrounded by tall trees and built on stands of 4000m² in size with tennis courts and swimming pools. There are smaller, more compact homes, many of which have been built on sub-divisions or the original 2000m² properties of the northern border of Westcliff.  An excellent community spirit exists in Westcliff and a successful security initiative has been instituted by the residents, resulting in crime incidents being extremely rare.

Specifics of Westcliff property for sale

As there are fewer than 240 properties in the suburb, demand remains constant for Westcliff property for sale. Westcliff properties average about 10 sales per year.  Purchasers, who appreciate the intrinsic values of the suburb, are prepared to wait a year or even longer for the ‘right’ property.  Many families also keep their piece of Westcliff real estate within the family, by handing it down from one generation to the next.

The area of Westcliff is an excellent choice for real estate, particularly for purchasers seeking larger stands, a spacious, established environment and quality homes; with the convenience of being close to popular schools, shopping, entertainment and business areas. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that people are holding on to their beloved Wescliff properties. Prospective buyers should grab one while they can.

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Property in Parktown North

Residence to a community actively involved in the affairs of their suburb, Parktown North exudes an unmatched pride from its populace. This is hardly surprising when one experiences the suburban character and stringent safety measures that a Parktown North property so attentively provides. The lush leafy charm that this incredible suburb possesses has ensured that whenever a property for sale in Parktown North comes about, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

History of Parktown North:

The suburb of Parktown North was established in the late 19th century and was originally one of the outlying areas of Johannesburg. Back then, the average stand size was approximately 2550 square meters. The stands were owned mainly by small farming entrepreneurs who planted orchards to grow fruit and vegetables for the mining town of Johannesburg. Other entrepreneurs established guesthouses to cater for the families of these miners, as well as other visitors.

In the early 1960s, the Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company, who originally owned the land, allowed the City Council to let the owners subdivide their Parktown North property into smaller stands of 1250 square meters. That was the origin of the popular “panhandle stands”. Because all the original houses were built close to the street front, a panhandle was the only solution to allow access to the subdivided back portion. The subdivisions resulted in a mix of the original character homes and new modern homes on the panhandles, which now cater for all sectors of people looking to buy property in Parktown North.

The Attraction of a property in Parktown North:

The suburb of Parktown North is situated close to Rosebank, Hyde Park and Sandton and offers easy access to the M1 highway and Gautrain station.

A Parktown North property also boasts a close proximity to excellent restaurants, coffee shops, a local shopping centre equipped with medical suites and even a local bus service. There are many security companies which patrol the area and constantly monitor crime in the suburb, resulting in a low crime rate. Over and above that, all local bylaws are enforced to make Parktown North a very pleasant and safe suburb to live in.

Specifics of Parktown North property for sale:

Properties for sale in Parktown North are becoming more popular by the day. With everybody looking to reduce the cost and time wasted through commuting, it is an ideally situated suburb that has a mix of homes to meet the requirements of modern active families. Besides the residential homes, there are a mix of cluster complexes and sectional title apartments in the area. The local Residents’ Association is very active in maintaining the area for residences, and stopping any new business developments from overwhelming the suburb.

Parktown North property originally served as housing to relatives of the Randlords. These massive colonial style houses now lend an enviable village atmosphere to the suburb.

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Property in Clifton

A Clifton property allows discerning buyers to own real estate in one of the most sought after suburbs in the Cape Town area. Clifton is an exclusive area where some of the most expensive real estate in South Africa can be located. Clifton properties offer some of the best views with houses nestled on the breath-taking Clifton cliffs. The Clifton area is great for families looking for the perfect home, young professionals and is also a sufficient area for people looking for retirement property close to the sea.

Even though Clifton makes for a unique and luxurious permanent home, many people purchase a Clifton property as a holiday retreat. The famous set of four beaches in Clifton is its most popular feature. Both locals and tourists flock to these beaches during the summer months. They are named from 1st to 4th beach and are each separated by falls of granite boulders. The beaches have what looks like almost pure white granitic sand. Clifton’s beaches are popular not only for their pearly sands, but also for the fact that the beaches are well protected from the notorious south-easterly wind.

There is also a fifth beach, named Moses Beach, which appears and disappears as the sand is washed in and out with the seasons. The beaches are popular with water sports, especially surfing. The beaches, especially fourth beach, are popular with families and groups of friends. Yachts laze nearby off-shore. The sugar white sand of the beaches that a Clifton property offers have ensured that Clifton beaches regularly rank among the top 10 beaches in the world according to various authorities. Clifton has also been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award.

History of Clifton:

The first people to live on the Atlantic Seaboard were the San people. They roamed the coast, hunted their way from day-to-day and lived in the caves along the coast. Back in 1783 Clifton was known as Schoemakers Gat or Cobblers Cave. The name derived from a story told that a shoemaker lived in the Clifton caves and when the farmers would pass on their way to Cape Town he would mend their shoes. Yet, around 1890, long after the shoemaker was gone, the area was named after the lady who ran the only hotel in the area and her name was Bessie Clifton. The name stuck to say the least and by 1900 Cape Town residents started making Clifton their main holiday destination. The first of these houses were small, modest wooden houses.

A Clifton property offers homeowner access to some of the premier attractions in South Africa, making it a haven for international jetsetters. This incredible suburb offers a story-like setting against the backdrop of Table Mountain, the iconic symbol of Cape Town. Only a short drive from the V&A Waterfront, Clifton properties offer residents all the spectacular experiences that this celebrated Cape Town Landmark has to offer. With over 450 exclusive shops selling anything the heart desires, the V&A Waterfront is a shopper’s paradise. To accommodate those who feel a bit peckish, a host of exquisite restaurants ensure that your taste buds will be delighted. Fashion, food and fun abound, as you take in the magnificent experience and rich history that the V&A Waterfront has to offer.

Not too far away, Clifton property owners can view one of only two kelp forests in the world to be featured in an aquarium. The Two Oceans Aquarium offers over 3000 living sea animals, ranging from a brush with terrifying ragged-tooth sharks, to an interactive encounter with the cute rockhopper penguins, this is a memorable experience that young and old will cherish forever.

Attractions of properties in Clifton:

Properties in Clifton are close to other popular and affluent suburbs such as Bakoven and Camps Bay. Clifton is close to all the necessary amenities, like shops, cafes, restaurants and small malls. It is also close to the city of Cape Town and the Waterfront. This makes it a perfect place for the ultimate Cape Town living experience where you can be close to the hustle and bustle of the city, but also have a home close to the relaxing beach with its amazing views.

The Clifton beaches are one of the few areas that are well protected from the notorious Cape Town wind, making them something truly special. Clifton property owners can enjoy the pure white sand while basking in the sun, or simply admire the sweeping ocean view from their homes, nestled in Cape Town’s St Tropez. Along with the magnificent Cape Town Stadium and the historical firing of the Noon Gun at Signal Hill, Clifton properties offer a unique mix of retail therapy, heart racing sporting events and historical

Specifics of Properties for sale in Clifton:

Clifton offers property owners some of the most exquisite sights in the world. Panoramic views of the snow white beaches and clear waters set against the magnificent backdrop of Table Mountain makes it hard to not want to call this beautiful suburb home. Clifton Properties are therefore highly sought after and cherished by the fortunate few who have the financial means to do so.

With a variety of houses, apartments and cluster homes on offer, everyone is sure to find the Clifton property that they desire. Clifton is the perfect place to see and be seen, so contact your area agent today to arrange a viewing of the exclusive properties in Clifton that we have to offer. Sotheby’s real estate agents are professional, friendly and care about helping you find the perfect home.


Property in Camp’s Bay

Being one of the most vibrant and popular suburbs in Cape Town, Camps Bay property offers prospective home owners a chance to live in an exceptionally beautiful area set against the Twelve Apostles and The Lion’s Head. This trendy cosmopolitan suburb is sure to capture your heart as soon as you lay your eyes on the palm-fringed sugar white beaches. Camps Bay property owners can also take a stroll down the boulevard which stretches along the beachfront and forms part of a series of pavement cafes, restaurants and bistros which specialise in Mediterranean fare.

History of Camps Bay:

Far from how it is today, Camps Bay property once had only one owner, John Lodewyk Wernich who eventually passed the area on to his son. Johan Wernich married Anna Koekemoer, who was eventually widowed in 1778 and subsequently inherited the entire area. When Anna met a sailor called Frederik Ernst von Kamptz the area became known as “Die Baai van von Kamptz”, and everyone in the area were convinced Frederik married Anna for her money. “Die Baai van von Kamptz” is merely the translation for Camps Bay – as we know it today.  Today, Camps Bay is one of Cape Town’s most affluent areas, and is close to other luxurious suburbs such as Clifton and Bakoven. It is a popular tourist destination during the summer months, with its pearly white beaches being the main attraction. Camps Bay has a trendy nightlife with many clubs and restaurants available for the happy holidaymaker.

Activities for Camps Bay property owners:

A Camps Bay property has various luxury beaches surrounding it, where people can enjoy a variety of activities. Oudekraal is a collection of smaller beaches sheltered by boulders. You can enjoy picnics and braais here or just laze around.  Lui Bay is a popular beach for diving and Koeël Bay has an African open-air curio market that sells hand crafted items from all over Africa. It is a popular spot to relax and laze in the sun. Another residential area close to Camps Bay is Bakoven which gets its name from the large rock just off-shore which looks like an oven door.  Camps Bay Beach was awarded blue flag status in 2008 and is a wonderful Cape Town beach which is very popular. It is the largest white sand beach in Camps Bay. Camps Bay Beach offers many beach front cafes and umbrellas and loungers are available to rent.

For those who wish to indulge in a cultural experience, the close proximity of Signal Hill presents Camps Bay property owners with the chance to experience the oldest living tradition in Cape Town. The daily firing of the Noon Gun dates back to 1806, when it was used as a time signal for ships coming into the harbour. The two cannons on Signal Hill are the two oldest cannons in the world still in daily use. Signal Hill is also a favourite among the romantically inclined, as the incredible views from here on a summer night has set many hearts beating.

The Two Oceans Aquarium presents Camps Bay residents with a unique offering, which will delight and educate young and old. View one of only two kelp forests in the world to be housed in an aquarium, or enjoy an interactive experience with the endearing rockhopper penguins. With such a fine selection of world class attractions near this incredible Cape Town suburb, it is plain to see why Camps Bay properties among the most coveted real estate in the world.

The Attraction of a Camps Bay Property

Camps Bay is a popular place for purchasing property to let to tourists and South Africans alike. Yet, this is not all that a Camps Bay property has to offer, as a number of permanent residents call this trendy suburb their home. These homes range from families, young professionals and retired residents. There are many fine schools available in the area and any other amenities needed by residents are available. Camps Bay offers many shops, cafes and restaurants.

In addition to the enticing selection of attractions right on the doorstep of your Camps Bay property, the suburb’s convenient location puts you close to the action with the city centre being only a 15 minute drive away. If an exclusive shopping experience is what your heart desires, the V&A Waterfront presents you with a selection of over 450 shops, award winning restaurants, and boat trips to relax after a hard day at the office. Being a mere 20 minutes away from Camps Bay, The V&A Waterfront is widely renowned as one of Cape Town’s premier attractions, and has something on offer to suit all tastes and styles.

Specifics of Camps Bay Property:

Properties in Camps Bay offer discerning buyers a selection of fine houses, apartments, townhouses and villas. The wide range of Camps Bay properties for sale might cater more for affluent clientele, but the incredible ocean views and picturesque beachfront is sure to steal the heart of all. Watching the sun set over the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean is a priceless experience, especially when it is done from the privacy of your own home. Find your ideal Camps bay property among our exquisite selection of prime real estate, and re-live this experience every day.

Besides residential property, Sotheby’s also have a variety of commercial properties to buy or let in the area which will enable you to spend your days working in paradise.

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